Acoustic Research Ships Power Stations, Conditioners


Hauppauge, N.Y. - Acoustic Research said it has begun shipping its PW1000 Home Theater Power Station with SpeedPass, along with a new line of power solutions for home-theater and home-office users.

The AR PW1000 Home Theater Power Station with SpeedPass features the company's PureCurrent power conditioning and surge protection, and its SpeedPass front-panel connectivity. It also has a five-port Ethernet switch. Suggested retail is $249.

Acoustic Research also started shipping 10-outlet and 8-outlet home-theater power conditioners featuring the company's PureCurrent technology, said "to purify the dirty power typical of most home outlets so that you get better picture and sound quality from your home theater," according to the company. They also come with two USB charging ports.

The ARHT10 (10-oulet) has a suggested retail of $69.99, and the ARHT08 (eight-outlet) has a suggested retail of $59.99.

The AR08 (eight-outlet, $79.99) and AR06 (six-outlet, $69.99) home-office power conditioners are designed to protect from harmful power surges. The AR Ecoficient technology automatically powers down computer peripherals when users turn off their computers, the company said. They also feature the PureCurrent technology.

The Acoustic Research brand is marketed by Voxx Accessories, a wholly owned subsidiary of Voxx International.


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