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2013 Sony TVs Offer Broad MHL Support

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Silicon Image revealed Monday that MHL/HDMI dual-mode connectivity technology is broadly supported across Sony’s latest Bravia LCD TV lineup.

The technology, which was developed and promoted by Silicon Image in conjunction with members of the MHL Consortium, enables TVs and monitors to receive up to 60 frames per second of uncompressed 1080p video with up to eight channels of digital audio from mobile devices, while simultaneously charging the device.

Mobile devices can use MHL to transmit HD games, Blu-ray-quality video and digital audio to a TV, or function as a laptop replacement with productivity applications like word processors and spreadsheets when connected to high-resolution monitors.

Consumers are able to control MHL-enabled mobile devices using the existing TV remote or a traditional keyboard and mouse.

Silicon Image said that since the first MHL-enabled devices appeared two years ago, the installed base of MHL-enabled products has grown to more than 330 million units worldwide.

Supporting products include smartphones, tablets, TVs, TV accessories, Blu-ray Disc players, audio/video receivers, monitors, projectors, adapters, automotive accessories, cables and more.

“MHL has quickly become the fastest-growing HD connectivity standard for the next generation of video applications, and we are pleased that a tier-one brand such as Sony has broadly deployed MHL technology in their 2013 models,” said Alex Chervet, Silicon Image marketing senior director.  “By including MHL technology throughout the Bravia line, Sony again demonstrates their commitment to delivering products that exceed consumer expectations.”