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Is Android Over?

Not the OS, but the brand.

Not the mobile OS, which still runs most of the world’s cellular phones, but the brand. As several published reports have noted, Google has, in quick succession, renamed its Android Pay mobile wallet platform Google Pay; rechristened its Android Wear smartwatch software “Wear OS by Google”; and you’d be hard pressed to find the name Android anywhere on Google’s Pixel 2 web page (it’s only mentioned in the fine print at the bottom). But fear not, Android fanboys: Google apparently has a history of cycling its OS brand in and out of the limelight. And with the forthcoming Android One and Android Go mass market phones, it appears the little green robot is on tap for another upswing.

 “Earlier this month, when Google renamed its smartwatch software from ‘Android Wear’ to ‘Wear OS by Google,’ some observers detected a pattern.”

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