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TWICE Picks: Where Are They Now? Kano Computer Kit Complete

Catching up with past winners

A Picks Winner at CES 2018, the Kano Computer Kit Complete has since been upgraded to a version with a 10.1-inch touchscreen. 

The new DIY model, the Raspberry Pi-based Computer Kit Touch (shown here), lets users build a portable touchscreen computer with a wireless keyboard, providing access to multiple programming languages.

When asked about the motivation behind the upgrade, Kano co-founder and CEO Alex Klein told TWICE the company wanted to “create the most advanced DIY computer ever made.”

“The Computer Kit Touch is not only a powerful learn-to-code tool, but a way to get inside the screen and reveal the secrets of touch interaction while having fun,” added Klein. “It combines block-based and text-based coding with a set of art, music and programming tools that are simple for all ages.”

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