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TiVo, PBS & Five Others Join DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group

The DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group has added seven new member companies to its ranks: TiVo, PBS Distribution, Giant Interactive, Giraffic, Midnight Oil, MusicWatch and My Eye Media.

The DEG is a consortium of companies formed to advocate and promote entertainment platforms, products and distribution channels. It now has more than 80 member companies, including DirecTV, Dolby, Panasonic, Gibson, HBO, Kalediescape, LG, Sony and Samsung.

Amy Jo Smith, DEG president, said in a statement: “The DEG welcomes its seven new member companies, all of whom represent the evolving nature of the home entertainment industry. We look forward to incorporating their unique perspectives to grow our business and reach our mutual goals.”

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TiVo is said to be in active talks with Rovi about an acquisition by the latter. Rovi is already a DEG member.

Giant Interactive is a provider of digital platforms; OTT and streaming applications; and Ultra HD BD, Blu-ray and DVD authoring. Giraffic created Adaptive Video Acceleration, a network throughput optimization technology that lets CE devices deliver HD and 4K video.

My Eye Media is a quality-control organization for digital content.  Midnight Oil is a marketing agency, while MusicWatch is a market-research firm for the entertainment industry.