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MantelMount Announces Expansion Efforts

Smart pandemic-related strategies, product popularity lead to need for more space, increased staff size

(image credit: MantelMount)

Through a combination of well-executed business strategies intended to help weather the pandemic and the growing popularity of their signature pulldown mounts, MantelMount announced its plans to expand both its offices and its staff.

The company was previously located in a single office in Carlsbad’s Bressi Ranch Village Center, housing all departments and functions. Now, due to the company’s significant growth, MantelMount has expanded into three separate office suites and a warehouse area in Faraday Business Park. These new offices will house the wholesale team, with the former space being used to accommodate larger creative and accounting teams.

While many businesses found themselves unable to weather the pandemic, MantelMount was able to devise several sound business strategies that not only helped it stay the course but actually increase business. The company worked very closely with its distributors, dealer, and other channels to enable them to keep their businesses running as close to normal as possible.

For Lee Marc, CEO of MantelMount, these factors all played a role in the company’s positive performance. But he does not discount the expertise and perseverance of his human resources. “The dedication of our employees, along with the vision and perseverance of management, helped us not only stay afloat but achieve great growth and even break into new markets,” noted Marc. “Without them, I’m not sure we’d still be around, much less expanding.”

The past year included some notable highlights:

  • Launching the new MM710 mount, along with an upgrade to the company’s Robotic MM860
  • Adding new patents
  • Maintaining inventory to meet demand, despite the logistic and tariff challenges
  • Making headway into new channels, i.e., schools, restaurants, and builders
  • Improving dealer and distributor collateral
  • Engaging an experienced contractor to support dealers with challenging installs

Ultimately, the expansion of the offices and staff will be a major benefit to MantelMount’s customers, both the end-users and the dealers who sell the company’s mounts. “Our new offices and expanded staff will be able to provide resources that will benefit both end-users and dealers, such as two studios in our warehouse area: one that will be used to address and solve customer installation issues, and one for dealer training. Our expanded creative team will be able to produce more effective collateral for selling MantelMount products, while helping customers better understand the benefits of our pulldown mounts. This move, and the resources that come with it, will have a positive impact on everyone connected with the company, including our own people.”

About MantelMount
MantelMount is the premier wall mount for high-on-the-wall installation of flatscreen television. MantelMount not only offers tilt and swivel but also allows users to easily pull the TV down off the wall and position it in front of the fireplace at eye level. The company’s product lines include both motorized and manual pulldown mounts, all with the most sought-after features in the industry. The product’s unique functionality and design has earned it numerous accolades, including the CTA Mark of Excellence at CES 2020; Residential Systems Best of Show at CEDIA 2019; the CE Pro Best, also at CEDIA 2019; the Technology Integrator EXCITE Award at CEDIA 2018.

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