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GE Appliances To Utilize Electric Freight Vehicles

The fleet of electric vehicles should aid in efficiency while lowering the costs of transporting materials

Picture of electric freight vehicle in front of GE Appliances warehouse
GE Appliances
(GEA) has announced their deployment of electric freight vehicles between the company’s manufacturing facilities and inbound warehouses in Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky. GEA says the new fleet will increase reliability and efficiency while lowering the costs of moving manufacturing materials and components in a critical segment of the supply chain. The new move has the added bonus of providing data to the company to assess the benefits of electric vehicles in relation to the company’s sustainability goals. The new vehicles are part of the implementation phase of an agreement between the company and Einride, a leader in autonomous and electric shipping solutions.

“We’ve adopted many environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations,” said Harry Chase, senior director for central materials, GE Appliances. “As we invest and expand our U.S. manufacturing to better serve our customers, we will deploy Einride’s EV technology on routes we frequently use to move materials. That’s where use of these vehicles can have a big impact on reducing emissions and costs.”

The EV trucks are being driven on routes between facilities operated by the Port of Savannah, and GEA’s inbound warehousing and logistics centers, manufacturing sites, and finished-goods warehouses. The trucks have a range of 200 miles per charge and will cover an estimated 125,000 miles annually – eliminating 210 tons of CO2 emissions within the first year,

The EV trucks are being used in the following priority locations:

● Georgia: Trucks are routed between the Port of Savannah’s Appalachian Regional Port, GEA’s nearby Southern Logistics Center in Crandall, and Roper Corporation, GEA’s cooking products manufacturing subsidiary in LaFayette.

● Kentucky: Trucks travel from the company’s Kentucky Logistics Center to GEA’s massive Appliance Park campus, carrying parts that make GE, GE Profile, and Café refrigerators.

● Tennessee: Starting next month, the focus will be moving finished Monogram refrigerators from the manufacturing facility to the warehouse to await shipping to customers.

“GE Appliances has been pivotal to our U.S. expansion with their commitment to building a more strategic, sustainable supply chain,” said Niklas Reinedahl, general manager, North America at Einride. “Deployment of this electric fleet together with their support of our autonomous EV solutions initiative, will allow GEA to further reduce its environmental footprint. We’re excited to see the impact of our technology in action.”

Using EV trucks brings GEA closer to accomplishing its Citizenship goals according to Shannon Fitzpatrick, senior sustainability manager at GE Appliances. “GEA is a member of the U.N. Global Compact. Integrating EV trucks into our domestic supply chain is another ambitious step to run our operations in more sustainable ways and reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chain.”


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