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‘Father Of The Internet’ Takes On The IoT

TCP/IP co-inventor Vint Cerf explains how it could all work.

The Father of the Internet — no, not him, the real inventor, Vinton Cerf — recently spoke to fellow tech pioneers at Nokia-owned Bell Labs.

There, as part of the Shannon Luminary Lecture Series, the Google consultant and co-creator of TCP/IP addressed the challenges facing IoT engineers as they work toward a common ecosystem of connected devices.

Inadvertently referencing Radiohead’s Paranoid Android, he cited the need for “suspicious” operating systems to assure security, while also allowing “episodic access” to outsiders like house guests and fire departments, while juggling billions of smart products at once.

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Like so many postings either terribly important or inanely trivial, the hour-long presentation is preserved on YouTube.