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D-Tools Partners with Tracknicity

D-Tools and Tracknicity partnership enables D-Tools SI users to track and manage inventory.

D-Tools, Inc. has announced a partnership with Tracknicity — an inventory and product tracking app that serves to build an “inventory management bridge” between D-Tools System Integrator and QuickBooks.

D-Tools has partnered with Tracknicity to help companies ensure that inventory — both stock or project-specific parts — are accurately tracked from the proposal through being purchased, received, staged, picked, delivered, installed, and even serviced using a sophisticated mobile application.

“Inventory management is the single most requested feature from D-Tools customers,” says Randy Stearns, CEO of D-Tools. “While D-Tools has been hesitant to add inventory management to its platforms because it infringes upon financial accounting, which is a line we deliberately choose not to cross, we are pleased to partner with Tracknicity to finally bridge that inventory management gap. As an added bonus, Tracknicity also enhances the ability to track and report on budget versus actual labor costs in real-time.”

“Tracknicity was born out of frustration from the lack of a truly integrated inventory solution in Quickbooks and D-Tools,” says Travis Leo, co-founder of Tracknicity. “We designed Tracknicity to solve a problem that faces tens of thousands of small businesses across the globe. Tracknicity is a thin and simple web-based application that leverages the tools you already use today. It’s inexpensive, easy to deploy, and can revolutionize your warehouse operations.”

D-Tools’ System Integrator is used by over 6000 technology solution providers for project estimation, system design, and project management. Project-specific product and labor data are transferred to QuickBooks for financial accounting. Tracknicity’s mobile app adds an inventory management component, and further solves many day-to-day challenges associated with running a technology integration business, such as:

  • Reduces the need for manual inventory tracking and warehouse clipboards
  • Leverages smartphone devices that field organizations already have
  • Allows for real-time job cost reporting by providing precise budget vs. actual labor time/cost
  • Handles multi-location inventory, allowing business owners and employees to see vehicle stock, warehouse stock, and total stock in an intuitive web interface
  • Customize notifications — Reduces wasted field-to-office communication time as a result of constantly checking on item availability
  • Tracks items from received to staged to picked to delivered to installed with the convenience of UPC scanning technology
  • Reduces the risk of unnecessarily purchasing items already in stock
  • Integrates with both Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop in a matter of minutes

To demonstrate the partnership, D-Tools and Tracknicity are holding a free webinar, “Bridging the Inventory Management Gap” Wednesday, August 14 at 10:00 AM PST. Register here to attend:

For more information, visit

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