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CTA’s Shapiro: China’s Path To Tech Prosperity ‘Better’ Than The U.S. In Some Ways

Consumer Technology Association president/CEO Gary Shapiro acknowledged at CES Asia that China’s approach to technology will reap greater fortune than the current path of the United States.

“China has adopted a strategy that makes a lot of sense, and is similar to a strategy the United States had, but it’s even better in some way,” Shapiro said. “It is investing in infrastructure, investing in education, with a focus on technology and innovation.”

Shapiro’s kick-off keynote struck a familiar theme as he stressed the deploying of innovation in technology as the solution to many of the world’s problems. “The skills gap in education, healthcare, transportation, food production, just about every major significant problem — including even terrorism — have solutions presented by innovations, technology, sensors, self-driving cars. And that is why the wisest nations are those nations that are embracing innovation as the way forward,” Shapiro said.

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He acknowledged the changing political tide around the world but struck a hopeful note. “The election of non-traditional candidates around the world, such as Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, demonstrates a changing landscape politically, as does Brexit. Both Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron were candidates which took major political risks, and risk taking is what entrepreneurship and innovation is all about.”

He reminded the crowd that economic disruption by technology is nothing new. “Many jobs were replaced [by technology], but many of us, including almost everyone in this room, has new jobs created because of innovation and technology.”