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CTA Releases Report On Consumer Adoption Of Digital Health Solutions

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has released the findings of their expansive research on the current state U.S. consumer health technology ecosystem. Their Driving Consumer Adoption of Digital Health Solutions report found that technology is helping provide access and filling equity gaps in the U.S. health system, though significant hurdles remain to widespread adoption.

“Economic, social and geographic divides make the adoption of health technology at scale challenging. This research leverages diverse insights to highlight opportunities to expand adoption and boost engagement with digital health solutions,” said René Quashie, Vice President of Health at CTA. “Digital health technologies need to be adaptable, portable and meet the needs of consumers. Health care providers can drive adoption by building and sharing awareness of the tools available, while lowering barriers to entry.”

The study finds 58% of HCPs agree that digital health solutions like blood pressure and continuous glucose monitors, hearing aids and their associated mobile applications, lessen the burden on the health system. Despite that optimism, just 44% agree that these solutions are living up to their full potential.  

Three main recommendations were identified by HCPs and health tech leaders:

  1. Health care tech companies should focus on building consumer awareness and improving perceptions around digital health solutions.
  2. HCPs should be informed of the digital health tools available to their patients.
  3. Health technology companies, with CTA’s help, should drive policies that increase access.

Insights about consumer adoption of digital health solutions:

  • Consumers cite taking control of their health and the features of digital health solutions as the top reason for adoption, followed by accessibility, reliability and health insurance coverage.
  • 60% of consumers surveyed currently or previously used telehealth as part of their health care experience, with 26% having used it within three months of taking the survey.
  • Cost is the top barrier to adoption and reason participants stopped using digital health technologies.
  • Health care providers believe additional clinical evidence (63%) and increased patient reimbursement (57%) will encourage further adoption of health technology.

View the research summary.

Prepared in conjunction with IPSOS, the Driving Consumer Adoption of Digital Health Solutions study surveyed 1000 adult consumers and 300 health care providers in August and September of 2022. 12 U.S. health company leaders participated via qualitative in-depth interviews.


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