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A Future Powered by Smart Innovations: 2020-2021 Global Top Brands List Winners Announced

2020-2021 Global Top Brands List winner are grabbing global attention

The 2020-2021 Global Top Brands awards, organized by IDG, celebrated its annual awards on January 11, 2021 during CES 2021. The Global Top Brands list was also released online, grabbing the attention of industry insiders, global CE fans, trusted organizations and renowned media outlets.

Established in 2006, the Global Top Brands List embraced its 15th anniversary amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the theme “More Does More”, it aims to capture the great power of global CE brands to bring a steady stream of updates and cause disruptive change as they make constant technological advances and go beyond the known limits to create the unknown possibilities.

Additionally, the winners for “2020-2021 Top 10 CE Brands”, “2020-2021 Global Smartphone Brands Top 15”, “2020-2021 Global Smart Connected Device Brands Top 15”, “2020-2021 Global TV Brands Top 10”, “2020-2021 Global CE Brands Top 50” and “2020-2021 International Innovation Enterprises Brand Award”, among others, were unveiled. Click through the gallery below to see the winners for these categories.

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