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CES Getting E-Commerce Area

CES continues to expand, with this January’s show adding a dedicated section for all things e-commerce.

The eCommerce Marketplace, sponsored by MasterCard, is described by show producers the Consumer Electronics Association (CES), as a “one-stop showcase for the most innovative solutions disrupting the traditional consumer shopping experience.”

The offerings will include mobile payment apps, shopping platforms, mobile concierge services, and cloud solutions.

“The e-commerce industry is transforming the way companies do business and interact with consumers,” observed CEA president/CEO Gary Shapiro. “The innovations in this industry are next-level and the possibilities are endless. We are so excited to experience the future of e-commerce at CES 2016.”

The eCommerce Marketplace will be located within the Tech East section of the show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center, in close proximity to the Cyber & Personal Security Marketplace, sponsored by CyberVista.

In addition, CES and Living In Digital Times will debut a half-day conference on digital finance called Digital Money Forum, which will cover everything from e-wallets and virtual currency to mobile payment systems and cryptographic solutions.

CES said the forum will target retailers and manufacturers, government agencies and regulators, financial services and banking organizations, high-tech developers, media, investors and transaction processors.