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What I Wanted To Bring Back From CES

Any LG 4K OLED UHD Television

Although many quantum dot televisions are quite stunning, nothing has the black levels, contrast and color accuracy of OLED—and LG is really the only game in town. Be a great replacement for my 1080p plasma.

A Nice Add-on

To go with my new 4K OLED, I also wanted the Panasonic 4K Blu-ray player prototype shown at CES in order to watch “Lawrence of Arabia” in the 10th different video format I’ve owned since it was released on VHS tape.

Cool Cars

CES was loaded with them but I wanted the RS7 at the Audi booth for my drive back to Scottsdale.

And a new radar detector, like the Escort Passport Max2, would’ve made the five-hour drive go a little quicker.

My Favorite Drone

Everyone heard the buzz of drones in LV. Ascend Technologies had some really good ones—especially those I saw in action during the Intel keynote. Be nice to keep an eye on my local desert-scapes.

Speaking of Intel …

The company’s RealSense 3D cameras are quite impressive. People haven’t really figured out what to do with it yet, but when they do — watch out. I’d love to use it for editing photos, something demonstrated at the Intel booth.

Double Your Fun

Thought this was brilliant. LG’s Twin Wash system is a true breakthrough that lets you do two loads at once. Unlike many things at the show, this one is real and ships in the first half.

Just a Prototype But …

Although new 4K camcorders from Sony and Panasonic are nice, I saw a prototype camera from someone that will shake up the industry. Definitely wanted it for shooting landscapes south of the Hoover Dam. Stay tuned …

Somebody Knows What Time It Is

No surprise the Guess smart watches using Martian technology were among the most attractive at the show. One sure would’ve looked nice on my wrist — but they won’t be real until late 2015.

One or Two Things I Was Very Glad To Leave Behind

One of the strangest things on the show floor was the Communications Android, the singing robot at the Toshiba booth. Almost everyone who saw it was creeped out. Cuddly Data from “Star Trek,” she wasn’t. Taylor Swift has nothing to worry about.

I was also happy to leave behind any further discussion of the Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Everything, whatever you want to call it. The constant repetition of this already-tired phrase nearly drove me over the edge. Even so, CES 2015 was another blast.