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Top Five Take-Homes (Not Takeaways) From 2015 CES

If you’re looking for an incisive analysis of the macro trends that will shape the CE industry in years to come, look elsewhere on

But if you’re interested in 2015 CES bling, I offer you my Top Five list of “Things I Wanted To Bring Back From The Show”:

1.That hyper-sexy Mercedes.  More accurately a top “Thing I Wanted To Bring Me Back From The Show.” The sleek, silver F 015 Luxury In Motion autonomous auto drove CEA president Gary Shapiro on stage during Daimler chairman Dieter Zetsche’s keynote and immediately became a CES hit. Doubt I could afford the gift taxes, but I would have been happy to forsake the red-eye back to Newark and leave the driving to the Benz.

2.Samsung’s 105-inch flexible 4K TV. Touted as the world’s first and largest bendable SUHD TV, this CES Best of Innovations award winner features quantum-dot technology, a 21:9 aspect ratio and, my favorite feature, a flexible panel that curves and flattens on command.  I’m still not sold on curved displays, and would once again be hard-pressed to come up with the gift-tax scratch on this six-figure beast. But think how nice it would be to watch “Game of Thrones” on a warm spring night while being gently fanned by your TV.

3.LG’s G Flex2 smartphone.  Bigger isn’t always better. LG’s latest flagship is actually a tad smaller than its predecessor, which together with its rounded back and curved form factor makes it easier to grip and navigate.  The phone retains its Gorilla Glass flex; is the first to feature Qualcomm’s 64-bit, octa-core  Snapdragon 810 processor; and reduces the self-repair time for superficial casing scratches from minutes to seconds (it’s mind-blowing to watch).

4.Lynx Grillsvoice-guided SmartGrill.  Okay, my appliance bias is showing on this one, but I am dangerously inept at outdoor cooking and this little interactive number literally talks you through the process with step-by-step instructions.  But with a top-range retail of $9,000, I’d still have plenty of ’splainin’ to do to the IRS.

5.The Goo Goo Dolls: The band played a killer set for distributor New Age Electronics at the MGM Grand. How cool would it be if they had piled into the Benz (see item No. 1) and rode back with me to New Jersey to perform at Cousin Jodi’s sweet sixteen?