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Two New TWICE Bloggers

Today maybe Halloween, but this isn’t a trick. Instead, we hope that for regular visitors to it will be a treat … or better yet, food for thought.

As of tomorrow, Nov. 1, I’m pleased to announce that we are adding two new bloggers who should be familiar to TWICE readers and anyone who follows consumer electronics — Stewart Wolpin and Peter Suciu.

Stewart has been a regular contributor to TWICE, especially during International CES, and was a full-time staffer a few years ago. He has been a freelance writer and author about all things electronic for 20 years. In his blog called Harmonic Distortion, he will discuss the industry’s technologies — both successes and failures. As he states on his own Web site,, “I write about gadgets, gizmos and geegaws. I write about how to buy them, how to use them and how they got invented, made and distributed to stores so you can buy them and use them.”

Peter Suciu has been a contributor to TWICE during the past couple of years and has covered the CE, electronic entertainment and toy industries for more than decade. His work has appeared in a wealth of general interest and technology magazines, leading newspapers, trade and online.

One of Peter’s specialties is video games, and the title of his blog is TWICE On Gaming, where he will discuss and comment on the latest developments in the video game and computer gaming markets. Whether you market games, or are a gamer, I’m sure you’ll find Peter’s insights on the industry informative and entertaining.

TWICE is proud to welcome blogs from these two respected and well-known journalists.