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TWICE Reader Poll Results

TWICE readers were quite pessimistic when it comes to the future of independent A/V dealers.

By an almost 3-to-1 margin readers said A/V dealers will not turn around their fortune. Interestingly, the negative answers grabbed a quick and dominant lead the first day the poll was issued, but the more positive people came on board late to close that gap, at least slightly.

However, the race was a bit closer when it came to our poll regarding whether smartphones will ultimately replace cameras, e-book readers, PNDs and laptops, or will consumers still want function-specific products.

About half those voting said smartphones will replace some of the above items, while 10 percent said the smartphone will replace everything. 37 percent believed consumers will still demand function specific products and 4 percent said the jury is still out.

Maybe we should have asked how many people were voting via their smartphone?