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× Offers Camera/MP3 Help

Look out Geek Squad?

I used to scoff (privately) when vendors would tell me that many people don’t even get photos off their memory cards, but instead go out and buy new ones. Two years ago that seemed plausible, but in 2007? Please.

Then last month I visited my 80-year old great-uncle. He asked for some help with his camera and lo and behold, he had a case with 15 Memory Sticks filled with images. I give him credit, at 80, for even bothering with digital photography and, since he’s family, I didn’t berate him. Instead, I showed him how to transfer the images to his PC and said that rather than spending the extra money on new memory cards, he should be buying his grand-nephew nicer Christmas gifts.

Is he typical? thinks so — and thinks he’ll shell out $39 for the advice I gave him for free (attention relatives: no more freebies). The company, which offers remote PC support, rolled out two new services: one for camera owners and the other for MP3 owners to help them get up to speed on the technology.

Bewildered MP3 owners will learn how to:

  • connect your MP3 player with your computer;
  • download music from an internet music site to your computer;
  • copy music from a compact disc to your computer;
  • organize music and audiobooks on your computer and transfer to your MP3 player; and
  • have questions answered about how to get the most from your MP3 player.

Camera owners will discover:

  • how to install and configure your digital camera, photo management and editing software;
  • how to transfer digital photos from your digital camera to your computer;
  • how to set up your computer to share digital photos with friends and family over the Internet; and
  • have questions answered about how to get the most from your digital camera.

All of this is done remotely, via a phone call and PC-connect to