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Star Wars? Oh Go Sit On A Light Saber

I hate to be a sci-fi Grinch, but enough already with the Star Wars.

You can’t turn on a TV this month without a craggy Harrison Ford, a sappy “Force Awakens” news report, or some painfully-strained product tie-in popping up.

I mean, Chewbacca Coffee-mate? Really??? Sorry, but I hate my cup o’ joe when it’s chewie.

Our industry’s no better. Motorola/Lenovo continued its droid depredation with a new “Force Awakens” Turbo 2 smartphone; HP released a “Star Wars Special Edition” notebook, yours for a mere starting price of $700; and Haier is promising a real-size R2-D2 moving refrigerator at CES, replete with built-in video projector. (OK, now that actually sounds cool.)

Don’t get me wrong, I get Star Wars, and my geek cred is beyond reproach:

*saw the original film on opening day in Times Square;

*met George Lucas at a Smithsonian Star Wars exhibit;

*was a guest at Skywalker Ranch (long story).

A close encounter at the Smithsonian

Point is, I’ve earned the right to complain, even if Amy Poehler hasn’t. So keep your Darth Vader toasters, your ludicrous car commercials, and your $4,000 Millennium Falcon Pottery Barn beds.

I could go on, but I gotta get on line now for “Force Awakens” tickets.