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Sony Offers Unique Look At A World In Miniature

Northlandz is a model-train mecca in suburban Flemington, N.J., that has delighted my two young sons for years. Now almost 10 and 8 years old, they have finally outgrown their train obsession stage, but over the years we logged many hours exploring the 52,000 square feet of scaled-down towns and cities and the more than 80 model trains that weave in and out of the various landscapes.

The entire place was designed and built by one man, Bruce Zaccagnino, who is there every day to greet guests, answer questions, tell corny jokes and even show off his pipe organ skills.

Sony has produced a great short documentary film about Zaccagnino and his train obsession, while deploying its tiny QX100 lens-style camera in a series of photographic experiments meant to highlight the camera’s versatility and offer a never-before-seen perspective on the miniature world.

The film is less than five minutes long but really captures the quirkiness of the man, his place and the perspective that the QX100 camera can offer. You can see it here.

There is also an interactive web page that allows you to explore Northlandz and capture images using a virtual QX100.