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Software For Cub Scouts

I get inundated on a regular basis by companies pushing new software titles, but yesterday I ran across something new.

While helping assemble the Pinewood Derby race track for my son’s pack, I found myself helping to install a very high-tech scoring and race management software system from a company called eTekgadget that is designed specifically for these type of races.

Who would have thought the old tried-and-true method of watching the finish line and shouting out the winners needed to be replaced?

Even though I tend to be a traditionalist when it comes to such things, I have to admit the system is neat. It uses light sensors to track who finishes when, then the software populates a spreadsheet with the time and car speed and it keeps tabs on each kids cumulative time over the course of six races. And it was easy to install.

Of course being modern, one other dad helping was trying to figure out how to attach his LCD projector to the device so the scores could be flashed onto a movie screen and I wondered if the next version would use Wi-Fi so we would not have to tape down so many wires.

I’m sure in a few years the kids will simply use a CAD system to design their cars and the entire race will take place on a computer. I’m all for this considering the Olenick’s entry last year looked as if it were built by an enraged, incompetent carpenter. Oh wait, that was me.