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Nuclear O’Reilly Phones In DIY Recording

A pair of music artists has released what it’s hailing as the “first album of original music composed and recorded entirely on an iPhone.” Jared DiDomenico, who is half of the Nuclear O’Reilly duo (Brad Naprixas is the other member), told TWICE that the album uses The Chemical Brothers, Dust Brothers and Royksopp as points of reference. The duo came up with the idea for “Phoning it In” after Naprixas purchased an iPhone application known as the Beatmaker.

DiDomenico wrote in an email: “The intention was to make music quickly, without time to second-guess ourselves, and to make a bold step in participating in the excitement of the digital age, when everything is opening up and information and ideas travel at the speed of light. With many years of playing instruments and programming beats, we had the experience to be able to do this quickly. The entire process, from songwriting to delivery, was done on the iPhone.”

The music can be heard and downloaded for free here.