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No Blah, Blah, Blah: An Open Letter To HTC

Dear HTC:

I love your phones.

Your Evo 3D had a glasses-free 3D display years before Amazon’s rumored handset.

Your UltraPixel cameras with Zoe frame burst easily outshine my point-and-shoot.

Your Sense overlay for Android, with that neat BlinkFeed info stream, is among the best in mobile.

Oh, and the HTC Ones! Like the monolith from 2001, those elegant slabs of metal are a triumph of engineering and industrial design, and are arguably the most gorgeous handsets on the planet.

Yes, I love your phones HTC, but your advertising sucks. Last year it was Robert Downey Jr. shilling for the M7 with those inane HTC acronyms. (He’s back again, completing the final year of his unconscionable $12 million contract with a rambling discourse on the M8’s design.) And worse, now you have Gary Oldman, one of Britain’s finest thespians, braying on about … I’m not really sure.

Why not forget the celebrity endorsers who only muddle your brand further and, like Apple, simply focus on the phones. They are, after all, your best spokestars.

And please HTC, as Capt. Kirk implored in the poignant Star Trek episode “Miri,” no blah, blah, blah.