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Newegg Posts April Fools’ Prank

City of Industry, Calif. – took liberties with its website on April 1 by creating a faux home page for an April Fools’ Day prank.

The e-tailer, which prides itself on providing the latest and greatest in technology, populated a landing page with some decidedly old-school CE, including a pager, a boombox, a shoe-size cellular phone, and a 1980s-era PC.

Clicking on the product links brought visitors to a “Happy April Fools’ Day!” greeting.

Newegg also posted as new a pair of vintage unboxing videos for the Motorola Razr flip phone and an old ASRock motherboard.

Perhaps in a paean to past industry profitability, the outdated product listings also featured equally quaint pricing, including $329 for a 22-inch CRT color TV.