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iPhone Launch-Day Fun Facts

As a jaded tech reporter, my first reaction to TV coverage of the lines outside Apple Stores this morning was “Really?” Aren’t there any real stories to cover?

But viewers and even broadcasters need an occasional break from the news. And I’ll admit it: I too was curious about how long the first kid in the queue camped out for a mid-cycle iPhone upgrade.

So even though the lines appeared shorter and the crowds less lively than past rollouts, I bring you, in the spirit of iPhone fervor, the following Launch-Day Fun Facts (based on a survey outside Apple’s Fifth Ave. Manhattan store by extended service provider Protect Your Bubble).

1,200: The number of people on line this morning at 5 a.m.

18-24: The average age of everyone polled.

46: The percentage of females on line.

73: The percentage planning to buy the 5S model.

66: The percentage who were upgrading from an earlier version of iPhone.

15: The percentage upgrading from a Samsung Galaxy.

52: The percentage willing to eat the same meal every day for a year rather than give up their smartphone.

41: The percentage who picked President Obama as the celebrity they’d most like to engage on FaceTime.

13: The percentage who picked Miley Cyrus.

And drum roll please …

14: The number of days the first kid in the queue camped out for his mid-cycle iPhone.