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hhgregg: Sixty Years Of Kitchen Culture

As hhgregg celebrates its 60th anniversary, the CE, appliance and furniture chain recounts the innovations that have revolutionized the heart of the home.

The American kitchen has changed drastically in the last sixty years, and hhgregg has been around to witness the transformation firsthand. 

As consumer lifestyles have evolved and the “foodie” culture continues to cement its footprints with today’s millennials, home design has turned the kitchen into the heart and soul of the home.

The kitchen’s components, primarily the appliances, have progressed just as drastically, bringing aesthetic and technological advances to the forefront.

“As we celebrate our 60-year anniversary, today’s appliance innovations have made this an exciting time to inspire customers with a truly differentiated experience to bring their homes to life,” observed hhgregg CEO Dennis May.

Sixty years ago many of today’s modern appliances didn’t even exist, and those that did were simply a functional part of the kitchen. The recent introduction of black stainless steel by brands like LG and Samsung has brought a completely fresh, stylish look to the kitchen, and the functionality remains intact as fingerprints can be wiped brilliantly clean.

Today’s new refrigerators come with more than 100 ways to organize shelving and drawers, helping households of any size get the most out of their cold storage. Internet-connected refrigerators can be synced and controlled from mobile devices, maximizing energy when the fridge is nearly empty and turning up the cold when necessary.

And it doesn’t stop there: Washers with built-in sinks and the ability to wash and dry in one cycle; ranges with sliding tops and temperature innovations give home chefs unlimited options; dishwashers with sensors that adjust cycle duration based on the amount of dishes provide maximum convenience and energy savings.

Today’s kitchens not only look vastly different from 60 years ago, but their groundbreaking advancements have transformed the kitchen from not only the heart and soul of the home, but the brains too.