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Here Comes The Sun

Solar-power for your computer is here. 

Granted, this contraption from the Advanced Energy Group, the Solar PowerPACII, weighs 86 pounds and needs to be wheeled around on a handcart, but the concept seems to be proven enough so that Dell, Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard are reselling these devices. And to those who say the device is impractical I just want everyone to remember how big cell phones and their batteries were in the early 1990s and then compare it to what is now clipped to your belt.

While I agree that the benefits of a solar computer are limited, after all there are people who like use their PC at night and on rainy days, the fact that this is a practical, working power source is a great step forward. 

Now if the Solar PowerPACII can be tied to this potential battery source we would be all set. 

Considering what is happening to oil prices this week and the dire predictions of some Wall Street analysts the CE and computer industry, not to mention the rest of the world, better come up with an oil-free solution pronto or we will be operating our computers by candlelight.