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A Good Speaker For International CES

May I suggest futurist Ray Kurzweil? Check out some of the thoughts he offered up at the Game Developer’s Conference:

As chips are progressively able to perform more calculations for less money, and in a package that’s continually shrinking, Kurzweil told the GDC audience to look for the price-to-performance ratio of computers to improve a billionfold in the next 25 years. The devices will eventually become small enough, Kurzweil said, that scientists can create fake blood cell-size computers to perform the same functions of natural blood cells.

Every industry, he argues, will merge with the IT industry. Software, not hardware, will then rule the day.

 Then we go off into the woods:

“Biology is very capable and intricate and clever,” Kurzweil said, “but it’s also very suboptimal, compared to what we ultimately can build with information technology and nanotechnology … If you were to replace a portion of your blood with these respirocytes, you could do an Olympic sprint for 15 minutes without taking a breath or sit at the bottom of your pool for four hours.”

Until these mini computers crash and you drown. Still, we could be seeing the category of “portable” and “always on” electronics take on a whole new meaning. It would be interesting to see his thoughts applied to the CE industry.