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GE’s Immelt: The Best Is Yet To Come

TWICE recently attended a GE holiday soirée at 30 Rock hosted by chairman/CEO Jeffrey Immelt. While he wouldn’t talk shop about majaps (“Come on, it’s a party!” he admonished a reporter), he did paint an optimistic picture of America in remarks before the crowd. Here are the cocktail-napkin bullet points:

On the U.S. economy: “The U.S. is pretty competitive on a global scale. I’m encouraged by the robustness of the consumer — they’re doing their part. Housing is coming back, but we need to get it above 2 percent growth, and we need more confidence on the investment side.”

On the “fiscal cliff”: “Both sides know what needs to be done — now they need to do it.”

On energy independence: “There will be seismic changes in the next three, four, five years. We have game-changing advantages, and Canada, Mexico and the U.S. can be the most important countries in the world.”