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To Download Or Not To Download

I thought a lot about what I would say this month. February has been a tough one. 

A lot of things going on here in the South, and times are tough all over for that matter. I just wanted to take some time to talk about what we are watching and how we are watching it. I was reminded of this when a family member recently passed away and I was looking at old movies and pictures. Crazy what has transpired in the video-content industry. I have a Beta, for goodness sake, in mint condition with old movies taken on a Beta camera. Sounds like the wheel just got invented. 

In the same way in our business we are consistently revamping old technologies and embracing new ones. As people are becoming more nervous and less courageous about risking their hard earned dollars on frivolous items, we see outrageous advances in media storage, retrieval and viewing. DVDs are seriously being challenged by content that can be downloaded and stored on a hard drive, retrieved and viewed at will. It sure humbled me when I was watching the BETA tape. Crazy how far we have come. 

We are implementing these new technologies every day. Vendors like Vudu and Hulu and Kaleidascape and Fusion, just to name a few, are letting our clients download or store almost any kind of content they can imagine and keep it secure. I have even heard of some video-production companies in the adult industry say they will no longer roll out DVDs. That is why my Beta was obsolete. The key though is that because we are becoming a society that demands everything now and at our fingertips when we need it, companies are designing with great success the tools that really can make some of our life more manageable. All those photos and old movies can be stored, managed and retrieved at will. Sure makes life a little simpler. 

We love the way these servers are allowing our clients more freedom to enjoy our system.