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Apple To Ban Screen Protectors?

Macworld is reporting that Apple may be planning a ban on the sale of screen protectors in its retail stores. While Apple has not officially confirmed or denied these reports (calls to Apple were unanswered as of this posting), the ban could extend to all-over screen protectors as well as the films that commonly come with iPod, iPhone and iPad cases.

This would clearly place a large burden on iPod accessories manufacturers, and TWICE spoke with one manufacturer that said it “is prepared to roll out new SKUs of their current products sans the included screen protectors into Apple Retail by May.” The company added that it will “continue to offer their screen protectors to their online customers and through other retailers.”  Other manufacturers contacted couldn’t say at this time whether they would offer multiple SKUs of their products to suit both Apple and other retailers.

TWICE spoke with an employee at an Apple store who said that they hadn’t been informed of anything concrete regarding the plans and that the store was still carrying screen protectors.