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Signature Kitchen Suite Appliances Target The “Technicurean”

Appliances that stay “True to Food” appeal to a new generation of forward-thinking cooks that love food and appreciate innovation

(image credit: LG)

There is quite a bit of buzz around LG Electronic’s fast-growing luxury kitchen appliance brand Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS), which took home top honors with Best of KBIS awards from this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS). That’s because SKS takes a novel approach to appliances. The brand’s tagline is “True to Food” and with everything they create, they demonstrate a respect for food at every level, delivering performance, design, and precision. They honor the ones who are producing it, the ones preparing it, and most of all, the ones lucky enough to be enjoying it. In fact, they’ve created a new term for those they believe will buy their products—the “technicurean”— a new generation of forward-thinking cooks that combine their passion for food with their appreciation of innovation.

A technicurean myself, I recently had the opportunity to attend Designhounds “True to Food Tour” in Napa Valley to see the SKS line firsthand and enjoy a week of food, wine, design, and innovation alongside 30+ designers. SKS Executive Chef Nick Ritchie showed us around the appliances and made delectable dishes that connected the whole experience of technology, design innovation, and food.

Some standouts are the 48″ Dual Fuel Pro Range with Sous Vide and Induction. This unit has everything the modern chef needs in one beautiful unit. It’s the Swiss army knife of home ranges offering the complete package of modalities. With an easy-to-use touch screen interface, it incorporates a completely unique built-in water-bath sous vide, steam generator technology, convection and bake modes, ultra-high burners, dual probes, smart knobs – each with built-in timers, two-zone induction, and speed cleaning technology.


About that sous vide, though: “Think of sous vide as one of the best-kept secrets from professional chefs. It’s been used for decades in some of the world’s top restaurants. It’s a precision cooking method that allows for exact doneness and pro-quality results with little effort,” says Chef Nick.

The 30-inch SKS Combination Wall Oven with steam assist and convection is another product I’m in love with and want for my own kitchen. It combines a flexible steam-combi convection oven with the convenience of a speed oven, bringing the ultimate in cooking up to eye level.

Nick Ritchie, Executive Chef, Signature Kitchen Suite

“In addition to the many advantages of steam – such as quick cooking times and the ability to better retain nutrients and flavor, the steam-combi convection oven also allows at-home chefs to enjoy the benefits of sous vide cooking with the large capacity of an oven. This speed oven allows you to do more with your meals, two to three times faster, by combining advanced halogen lighting, carbon fiber, convection heating, and skipping preheating thanks to infrared technology,” adds Chef Nick.

While I highlighted SKS ovens here, they also have a full suite of refrigerators, dishwashers, and ventilation systems that are equally as innovative. With all of it, you get Concierge Service built into the SKS app. You can contact the concierge via the app if something isn’t working and they will video chat with you to troubleshoot. There’s a two-day guarantee for scheduling a call and a resolution of the problem happens in five days tops.

Signature Kitchen Suite products make an ideal home kitchen for any culinary caliber, whether you’re just starting out in your home cook journey or a professional chef. With all these features, SKS makes creating restaurant-worthy meals on your home table easily achievable and much less time-consuming. Ultimately, this allows you to enjoy time out of the kitchen with your dinner party or weeknight supper with family.

If you want to learn more about the SKS line, check out the True to Food Webisodes with Mark Bittman, acclaimed food journalist, personality, and writer. You can find them at

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