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Philips Launches amBX-Enabled PC Gaming Peripherals

3/26/2007 02:00:00 AM Eastern

Philips launched amBX-enabled PC gaming peripherals, designed to provide gamers with "full sensory surround experience."

Detailed in graphite and silver, the peripherals include a pair of left and right satellite lights, a pair of left and right satellite 2.1 speaker lights and subwoofer, a pair of desk fans, a wrist rumbler and a directional wall-washer light and controller unit.

The left and right satellite lights are designed to change color and intensity in the context of what's happening onscreen, capable of representing 16 million different colors, according to the company. The left and right satellite 2.1 speaker lights and subwoofer also offer 160-watt multidirectional sound with dynamic bass boost. The desk fans allow both slow and fast airflow, up to 5,000 rpm.

With two integrated motor drives and variable rotation speed, the wrist rumbler enables gamers to actually feel movement in the game, experiencing the action through vibration. The rumble is meant to work simultaneously with the light and air movement.

Serving as the central control unit, the directional wall-washer light and controller unit are designed to flood the wall behind the PC or laptop screen with different colored light through three banks of LEDs.

The amBX peripherals are linked to the central control unit through USB 2.0 connections.

The following four kits are available: a $199 starter kit that contains a directional wall washer light, controller unit and satellite lights; a $299 Pro-Gamer Kit, which includes a directional wall-washer light, a controller unit, satellite 2.1 speaker lights and subwoofer; a $99 Extension Kit, which offers a set of desk fans and wrist rumbler; and the $399 Premium Kit encompasses all of the above.

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