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Sirius To Demo Single-, Multi-Zone Systems

9/06/2004 02:00:00 AM Eastern

Sirius Satellite Radio plans to display a host of products for custom-installation and home audio dealers, including new dedicated single-zone home tuners and systems that deliver Sirius' signal throughout the house.

New products include a dedicated Audiovox single-zone home tuner and Tivoli's satellite table radio, joining Kenwood's single-zone tuner and Antex's triple-zone tuner. In-home distribution solutions are the Echo Wireless Distribution system and a Sirius/DBS Combiner system, which combines the Sirius signal with a DBS-TV signal on a single run of RG-6 cable for wired distribution in the home.

Audiovox'sCE1000ST tuner integrates with most home hi-fi systems and features a large six-line LCD display with RCA stereo and co-axial digital audio outputs, antenna and remote control. For the custom market, it's equipped with RS232 control port. It ships in September at a suggested $249.

The Tivoli Model Satellite table radio delivers AM/FM and Sirius programming from a furniture-grade cherry-wood cabinet and integrated 3-inch speaker. The clock, which is automatically updated by the Sirius service, can be displayed in analog or digital format on a blue display with automatic dimming control. It has alarm functionality and a sleep timer. Inputs are available to add a stereo speaker, subwoofer or CD player. The radio comes with antenna and remote control. It ships in October at a suggested $299.

The Echo Wireless Distribution System works in conjunction with a single satellite-radio antenna to rebroadcast Sirius content wirelessly to satellite radios throughout the house. The system consists of a transmitter that down-converts the Sirius signal to 900 MHz spread spectrum and transmits it to small receivers, which connect to a satellite radio's antenna input after upconverting the signal. Multiple satellite radios within a house can receive different Sirius stations from a single transmitter, which plugs into a standard electrical outlet for power and gets satellite signal from a single connected antenna. Receivers get power through each radio's antenna connection.

The Echo system will be available as a kit with one transmitter, one receiver and power supply at a suggested $129 in the fourth quarter. Additional receivers will be available for $69.

The Sirius/DBS Combiner System combines a Sirius signal with a DBS TV signal on a single run of RG-6 cable and splits it to a Sirius receiver and DBS IRD. It ships in the fourth quarter at a suggested $59 to $69.

Sirius plans to exhibit at booth 1640.

Current product on display will include Antex's SRX-3 Triple Play Multizone Tuner with RS232and IR control ports at a suggested $1,995.

The Kenwood DT-7000S discrete tuner features jog controls for channel and category navigation, a large LCD display, the ability to input text and RS232 control port at a suggested $299.

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