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Semiconductor Fabs Facing Obstacles

3/18/2011 10:10:12 AM Eastern

New York - The ongoing aftershocks and power outages are
hampering Japan's semiconductor industry, a HIS iSuppli report stated.

The research firm said semiconductor production automatically
shuts down every time a 5 on the Richter scale or greater quake takes place. The company has listed 130 production facilities potentiall impacted by the initial and on-going quakes. (see chart below)

The U.S.
Geological Survey's Earthquake Hazard Program
indicates at least eight
earthquakes with a strength of 5 or greater took place in the past 24 hours off
the coast of Sendai.

IHS said there is some panic buying of semiconductors as OEMs try
and stock up in case of a long-term shut down in manufacturing.

IHS tempered its outlook. Worldwide semiconductor inventory had
risen to a 2.5-year high in the months leading up to the disaster.

"Although not completely compensating for supply disruptions from
Japan, these excessive inventories may provide some cushion for global
semiconductor supply," the report stated.

Other semiconductor-related problems that could arise under the
current conditions in Japan are the inadvertent release of dangerous chemicals
used in semiconductor production, IHS said. An unexpected power outage could
lead to an explosion or release of poisonous material, so IHS believes
companies will suspend operations to maintain a safe environment. 


of Japan Semiconductor Manufacturing (not including R&D)
  Company Product
1 Elpida Memory Incorporated Memory Hiroshima
2 Freescale Logic Sendai
3 Fujitsu Memory, Analog,
Aizu Wakamatsu
4 Fujitsu Logic Akiruno
5 Fujitsu Memory,
6 Fujitsu Microcomponent, Logic Mie
7 Fujitsu Microcomponent, Logic Mie
8 Matsushita / Panasonic Microcomponent,
Logic, Analog, Discrete
9 Matsushita / Panasonic Discrete Bizen
10 Matsushita / Panasonic Discrete Hioki
11 Matsushita / Panasonic Discrete Kyoto
12 Matsushita / Panasonic Analog, Discrete Nagaokakyoushi
13 Matsushita / Panasonic Microcomponent, Logic Tonami
14 Matsushita / Panasonic Logic, Analog Uozu
15 Matsushita / Panasonic Discrete Utsunomiya
16 Micron Technologies Optical Nishiwaki
17 Mitsubishi Analog Kumamoto
18 Mitsumi Analog Kita-Nihon
19 ON Semiconductor Logic Aizu
20 ON Semiconductor Logic, Discrete Gifu
21 ON Semiconductor Logic, Discrete Gunma
22 ON Semiconductor Logic, Analog Ojyia
23 Renesas Electronics Logic Goshogawara, Aomori
24 Renesas Electronics Memory,
Microcomponent, Logic
Hitachinaka, Ibaragi
25 Renesas Electronics Logic, Analog,
26 Renesas Electronics Microcomponents Kita-Nihon
27 Renesas Electronics Microcomponents Kochi
28 Renesas Electronics Microcomponent,
Logic, Analog, Discrete
29 Renesas Electronics Memory,
Microcomponent, Logic, Analog
30 Renesas Electronics Memory,
Microcomponent, Logic
31 Renesas Electronics Analog, Discrete Takasaki
32 Renesas Electronics Logic Tsuruoka
33 Rohm Memory, Analog,
34 Rohm Logic Hamamatsu
35 Rohm Memory, Logic,
36 Rohm Logic, Discrete Miyagi
37 Rohm Discrete Miyazaki
38 Rohm Logic Tsukuba
39 Sieko-Epson Logic, Optical Yasu
40 Sony Semiconductor Logic, Analog Kyushu Kagoshima
41 Sony Semiconductor Logic Kyushu Kumamoto
42 Sony Semiconductor Memory,
Microcomponent, Logic
Kyushu Nagasaki
43 Sony Semiconductor Logic Shiraishi
44 Texas Instruments Analog Hiji
45 Texas Instruments Analog Inashiki
46 Toshiba Discrete Hyogo (Himeji)
47 Toshiba Discrete Ishikawa (Nomi)
48 Toshiba Discrete Iwate
49 Toshiba Memory, Analog Mie (Yokkaichi)
50 Toshiba Logic Nagasaki
51 Toshiba Logic Oita
1 Phenitec Foundry Ibara, Japan
2 UMCJ Foundry Tateyama, Japan


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