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JL Audio Adds Entry-Level Amp Series

11/08/2010 01:18:04 PM Eastern

Dallas - Mobile electronics supplier JL Audio began shipping a new series of
amplifiers targeted to audio enthusiasts on a budget.

JL Audio

The entry-level five-SKU JX
series replaces the J2 series at similar price points. That series was marketed
by Total Mobile Audio, a JL-owned subsidiary that shut down early this year
because "we felt that we could better market budget-conscious products under
the JL Audio brand and that it was unnecessary to divide efforts with the
secondary brand," a spokesperson said. JL
bought TMA
in 2004.

The new models are more compact
than their J2 predecessors, the four-channel amplifier is more powerful, and
the 1,000-watt subwoofer amp uses an all-new design that is far smaller and
more efficient than its predecessor, the company told TWICE. All also feature
improved signal-processing sections.

Like their predecessors, the new
models use circuit designs whose components, such as power supply toroidal
transformers and transistors, are "upgraded significantly relative to what is
common at these price points," said VP Jeff Scoon.

Two full-range and three mono subwoofer
amps are priced from $199.95 to $499.95 and ship in November.

The two full-range models are the
$199.95-suggested JX360/2 and $299.95 JX360/4. The former is rated at 2x180
watts into 2 ohms and 2x110 watts into 4 ohms. The latter is rated at 4x90
watts into 2 ohms and 4x70 watts into 4 ohms. Both feature Class A/B designs
with unregulated MOSFET power supplies, high-mass heat sinks, and on-board
active filters that can be used in high-pass or low-pass mode. The two amps
also feature pass-through pre-amp outputs. High-level wired and low-level
RCA-type inputs permit connections to a variety of source units.

The three monoblock amps are the
$219.95 JX250/1, $329.95 JX500/1, and $499.95 JX1000/1D.

The JX250/1 is rated at 1x250
watts into 2 ohms and 1x175 watts into 4 ohms. The JX500/1 is rated at 1x500
watts into 2 ohms or 1x340 watts into 4 ohms. The JX1000/1D is rated at 1x 1000
watts at 2 ohms or 1x500 watts at 4 ohms.

The JX250/1 and JX500/1 feature
linear amplifier designs, while the 1000/1D monoblock offers high-efficiency Class
D circuitry to reduce physical size and current draw. All three monoblocks
feature variable low-pass filters, pass-through preamp outputs, variable Bass
EQ boost and remote level control via an optional wired controller.

 The mono amps also feature high-level wired
and low-level RCA-type inputs.

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