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Auto Page Debuts Remote Starter For Smart Keys

8/17/2011 01:53:56 PM Eastern

Torrance, Calif. -
Auto Page launched a new remote starter on Wednesday.

The DS-434 is
designed for vehicles with smart keys and push-to-start technology. According
to the company, the device has a simple installation with very little analog
connections; all functions are performed via data so there is less

Features include
two XT-12 two-button "Mini-size" remote transmitters with two-way data/serial
ports for integration with ADS bypass modules.

The DS-434 is programmable
with the XT-33 five button transmitter and can be upgraded to a two-way system
by adding the XT-74LCD kit. Programmable features include ignition control,
door locks, Safety Start with one or two pushes on the start button, constant
or flashing parking light output, pathway illumination, and five-, 10-, 20- or
30-minute runtime.

 The device also includes the window-mount receiver
RX-57C and features two-push "safety start" for remote-start feature, Auto Page

It will be
available in October. Requests for pricing weren't answered as of this posting.

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