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Atlantic Brings H-PAS Design To Bookshelf Speaker

9/20/2010 08:32:20 AM Eastern

Atlanta - Atlantic Technology is
going to the Expo to demonstrate a prototype bookshelf speaker incorporating H-PAS
(Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System) bass technology, which delivers targeted
bass performance with 50 percent smaller cabinets, smaller drivers and lower
costs, the company said.

 It will join an existing H-PAS floorstanding

The prototype AT-2 is only an 8.75-inch-wide by 15
5/8-inch-high by 12.25-inch deep, yet with an interior acoustic volume of less
than 2/3-cubic foot, it delivers bass response down to 39Hz at -3dB, the company

"H-PAS allows exceptionally deep bass response with
very low distortion relative to speaker size," the company said. "The
H-PAS-enabled low frequency reproduction is notable for its power, clarity and
impact, with none of the often muddy, indistinct mid- and lower-bass anomalies that
characterize many other designs. 

The bookshelf speaker features  single 5-1/4-inch long-excursion woofer and
the same 1-1/8-inch Low Resonance Tweeter used in the AT-1. Its crossover
frequency of 2,100 Hz is much lower than most conventional two-way speakers to
deliver much wider horizontal midrange dispersion.

Atlantic Technology expects to begin production early in 2011 and plans
to license out the technology.

H-PAS was designed to break what
the company calls "the iron law of loudspeaker design," which among
other things, states that among three major goals of speaker design - deep bass
extension, a compact enclosure and good efficiency - speaker designers must
choose two at the expense of the third.

H-PAS combines elements of bass
reflex, inverse horn, and transmission-line speaker technologies to pressurize
and accelerate low frequencies, the company explained.

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