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Aaudio Adds BMC To Audio Brand Portfolio

3/11/2011 12:31:41 PM Eastern
Parker, Colo. - Aaudio Imports, which imports and markets multiple high-end audio brands, has added BMC Audio of Germany to its portfolio.

BMC (Balanced Music Concept) was founded in 2009 and offers mono, stereo and integrated power amplifiers, a belt-driven CD player/transport, a DAC, and a moving-coil phono preamplifier. All feature proprietary technology and modular designs that allow for future upgrades.

The products are positioned as offering visually elegant components with audiophile sound quality at affordable prices in comparison with other audiophile brands.

Some of the proprietary technologies include a Current Injection moving-coil pickup cartridge that's said to dramatically lower dynamic losses and distortion; Superlink digital-signal transmission technology from CD transport to DAC to deliver a wider and more realistic soundstage with more detail; and Digital Intelligent Gain Management (DIGM), which enables direct connection of a DAC to an amplifier by eliminating the need for a preamp circuit. The technology also includes a very short signal path and low noise.

BMC products that Aaudio will market in the U.S. and Canada include the $7,990 AMP C1 stereo integrated amplifier, the $15,580/pair AMP M1 mono power amplifier, $7,790 AMP S1 stereo power amplifier, $3,890 MCCI phono MC phono pre-amplifier, $5,790 BDCD1 disc player/transport, the $5,790 DAC1/PRE D/A converter/preamp), and $270 RC1 all-aluminum remote control.

Other Aaudio brands include Acapella in Germany, Audiotop in Switzerland, Bergmann Audio in Denmark, Einstein Audio Components in Germany, Isoclean Power in Hong Kong, Lansche Audio and Millennium Audio in Germany, Stage III Concepts in the U.S., Thomas Labusga of Germany, Weizhi Precision in Taiwan, and Ypsilon Electronics in Greece.
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