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Ed Kranepool will never make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame, but he is a Mets fan favorite having played for the team for 17 years.

Howard Johnson participated in the Greatest Moment at Shea press conference. His moment was easy to figure out. Game 6, 1986. That's all you need to know.

Ed and Hojo were joined by Mets outfielder Endy Chavez at the event. Two years ago Endy made what is arguably one of the best catches in playoff history.

The view when you walk onto the field.

The the field is devoid of players three hours before game time, but it is crawling with the grounds crew.

Lots of wierd stuff goes on before the batting practice. This unknown woman came out to practice the national anthem. She had a great voice, but she didn't know the words to the song. As it turned out a choral group did the anthem that night.

The field didn't stay empty for long. A good 45 minutes before the first players came out the dugout area was packed with reporters, friends and guests.

Included in the dugout crowd was actor Oliver Platt dressed in Mets jersey. Why he was there nobody knew, but he seemed nice enough.

The first player on the field was Mets cather Ramon Castro. He played catch right in front of the crowd so we could all get a good look at how gigantic he is.

About two hours before gametime BP started. Mets third baseman David Wright was one of the first in the cage.

Wright made sure to sign as many autographs for the kids as possible. However, he studiously ignored middle-aged, balding men who claimed they wanted a signed ball for his daughter. Not me, but PC Magazine's Lance Ulanoff in foreground.

Although I'm sure I would not have done anybetter.


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