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China's Dealers Doing It Right

A visit to China's sprawling port city of Qingdao revealed a robust CE retail scene.

Qingdao’s upscale The MixC mall rivals any U.S. luxury shopping center.

The mall is prominently anchored by an Apple Store.

A Lenovo company store

Lenovo stocks the shelves with laptops, mobile phones and home-networking gear.

Lenovo-branded TVs

An iGE CE specialty store draws mall traffic with storefront gaming displays.

Inside, iGE sells phones, drones, headphones, collectible action figures and more.

iGE also operates an adjacent VR arcade employing HTC’s Vive technology.

A Sega gaming arcade, decked out for Halloween

A Walmart China CE department

A Walmart China laundry section (tried and dropped in the U.S.)

Leading Chinese CE/appliance chain Gome leases floor space to manufacturers.

Scarlett Johansson hawking Huawei


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