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Yamaha to Present Two Audio Sessions at InfoComm 2022

Yamaha’s Holger Stoltze Will Present “Room Impact on Selecting the Right Microphone Technology” and “The New Demands of Hybrid Education on Classroom Audio”

SUDBURY, Mass. — May 24, 2022 — In addition to showcasing the company’s latest audio solutions in booth W1151, Yamaha will help integrators better understand the critical role of audio in meeting rooms and classrooms in two sessions at InfoComm 2022. Yamaha Unified Communications’ Senior Director of Technical Sales and Marketing Holger Stoltze, Ph.D., will present “Room Impact on Selecting the Right Microphone Technology” and “The New Demands of Hybrid Education on Classroom Audio.”

“Video without superb audio is worthless, and it’s the most frustrating aspect of any remote environment. However, attaining that level of quality can be complex and laborious without a firm understanding of what factors impact audio,” said Stoltze. “These two sessions are developed to educate integrators on all the variables so they can feel confident in producing a crisp, clear audio stream every time.”

On Wednesday, June 8, from 4:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. during the “Room Impact on Selecting the Right Microphone Technology” session, Stoltze will explore the different ways room environments impact audio quality. Unfortunately, environmental noises and room audio are often not taken into consideration when designing audio solutions for unified communications installations in rooms. Both in-person and remote participants are affected by room noise and room surface materials. Furthermore, users in the room are often unaware of the remote participant’s audio experience. Therefore, different room environments require different microphone types or microphone technology. Based on noise and reverberance in the room, factors such as distance between talker and microphone, dynamic or static beam forming, noise reduction, or de-reverberation should be taken into consideration. The presentation will address several of these common problems and discuss why specific microphone technology might or might not be a good solution.

In the CTS education session “The New Demands of Hybrid Education on Classroom Audio” on June 9, from 11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., Stoltze will discuss how hybrid education has placed a new emphasis on classroom audio that was unnoticed and unresolved in the past. The session will show how the typical one-to-many class model, with a teacher or trainer at the front of the class, requires voice-lifting as the teacher repeats students’ comments or questions for all to hear. This challenge has multiplied in hybrid learning environments, with many classes requiring interaction between students — many-to-many — to achieve the full potential of learning. This session will demonstrate how to effectively mic the whole room, how to ensure that many-to-many discussions are easily understood by remote participants, and how remote participants can be well understood by those in the classroom.

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