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XPUMP Makes Sound Exciting Again

SAN JOSE, CA/ TAIPEI, TAIWAN, September 6, 2016 ‹ Embrace Audio Lab Inc. has launched a Kickstarter campaign to support its debut offering XPUMP. The campaign kicks off across the globe on 6 September 2016. A preview of the Kickstarter page can be seen here:

XPUMP features a patented digital signal processing algorithm called XROUND, which identifies and analyzes an audio source in real-time, then reconstructs the sound field to add detail and aural space, to give the user a surround sound-like listening experience.

³Our aim was to redefine the sound experience,² says Peng Lee, Embrace Audio Lab Inc. Chief Executive Officer, ³no matter what our users were listening to. By simply plugging in XPUMP, they will hear more from their favorite video games, music, movies, or videos.²

XPUMP is a pocket-sized, portable device that can be used with desktop or portable speakers, home sound systems, or headphones. Users simply plug the device between the source (computer, television, etc.) and the output (speakers or headphones) and press play.

XPUMP features:

  • Spherical Sound Field ExpansionTechnology that expands a stereo sound field by 200 percent while enhancing signal depth, width, and detail.
  • Soundstage Elevation that unlocks the richness of an audio track, giving listeners the ability to discern different instruments, voices, and sound effects.
  • Real-Time Boosting XPUMP processes the audio signal every microsecond.
  • Psychoacoustic Bass Enhancement increases the perception of bass frequencies.

Kickstarter backers will receive XPUMP at the introductory price of $69. Orders will be fulfilled and shipped in December 2016.

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Contact Information

For Embrace Audio Lab Inc.

Peng Lee @ Embrace                                   [email protected]          +886-2-82280106

Koumiko France @ Farinella                       [email protected]        +1 (917) 773-8409

David Farinella @ Farinella             [email protected]             +1 (510) 339-9922

For Backer-Founder

Susan Liu                                           [email protected]            +886-2-25233221

About Embrace Audio Lab Inc.

Embrace Audio Lab Inc. was founded in 2015 by passionate audio experts, designers, engineers, and audiophiles who have deep acoustics, digital signal processing, firmware, and hardware design experience. Based in Taipei, the Embrace mission is to redefine the audio industry by improving the listening experience. For more information, please visit: