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HDMI video distribution over IPTV networks made easy with the newest generation of VeCASTER PRO 4K H264 video encoders by Pro Video Instruments.

Orlando, FL – A dream come true for consumers who want more control over their devices at home or the office. “Imagine a scenario where a homeowner wants to get 4K quality streamed from his DirecTV box into his lounge room Smart TV, his daughter’s iPad and his home office computer, while at the same time stream the signal of his home’s security cameras to his laptop. He can do all this and more with the VECASTER 4K PRO”, sais Robert Costa, from Pro Video Instruments (PVI). “You don’t get more control than this”, emphasized Costa. And Speaking of having more control, the VeCASTER PRO 4K H264 allows control over each device connected to the IPTV network from the device’s remote control.

The VeCASTER PRO 4K H264 is a single channel UHD HDMI2.0 video to H.264 professional IPTV video encoder with MPEG1 Layer2 and AAC selectable audio. Distribute any 4K UHD HDMI video directly to an unlimited number of 4K SMART TVs, smart phones, tablets, computers, IPTV Boxes, over LAN or WiFi Internet. A built-in 1 Gigabit hardware full-speed server with the capability to serve hundreds of TVs and video players, without the use of additional parts, makes the solutions ideal for the average internet speed available today in most homes in the United States.

“Our product is very popular with affluent homeowners who want their high-end equipment to work seamlessly”, said Costa. “Interestingly, our resellers are increasingly getting more and more orders from middle market home and business owners as well, which is very encouraging to us, as the market is showing new trends”, concluded the founder and lead engineer at PVI.

In its fifth year exhibiting at Infocomm, PVI is ramping up efforts to showcase the end-user friendly nature of the VeCASTER PRO 4K. “We have some amazing surprises in store for our booth visitors this year”, said Sarah Carli, co-founder of PVI and the brains behind the success of last year’s Infocomm. “I enjoy the pressure. We want our booth visitors to experience something different every time”. The VeCASTER PRO 4K, will be on display at the 2018 Infocomm show in Las Vegas, booth C4424 in the Central Hall.

For more information visit PRO VIDEO INSTRUMENTS – INFOCOMM 2018