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Vanco’s new EVO-IP system provides dealers with a single system that is simple to install and use with hundreds of devices for residential or commercial applications

Batavia, IL – September 6, 2017 –Vanco International LLC, an industry leader in AV distribution and electronic accessory products, announces their new EVO-IP HDMI over IP system for distributors. The newest addition to the popular Evolution™ line of curated pro audio and video distribution products, the EVO-IP provides installers the ability to manage, transmit, and receive audio/video signals and control hundreds of devices over a local network. And, it efficiently uses only three products to do so – a transmitter, receiver, and control box.

The EVO-IP HDMI over IP system transmits virtually lossless [email protected], 4:4:4, HDR, HDCP 2.2 video, audio, and IR/RS232 control as a point-to-point, splitter, switch, matrix and/or video wall solution. The EVO-IP transmitters and receivers can be powered over POE when connected to a POE enabled switch for an easy and clean installation, or through the provided power supplies. Auto-discovery of new transmitters and receivers found within the system allow installers to connect to up to 1,064 sources in a single system, making it a highly scalable option for AV device management in installations of any size.

The EVO-IP control box maintains and directs system mapping and records events within the log, helps recall pre-set mappings and video wall configurations, and submits onscreen display or text on the outputs – making it ideal for commercial applications. The control box also allows for system access control over the cloud, providing installers the potential to earn recurring monthly revenue for a monitoring service. If an event such as video loss occurs, an email or text is sent to the installer who can then remotely access and troubleshoot the issue without ever rolling a truck, saving time and cost on installation hours. Access through the cloud allows for system integration with Amazon Alexa, expanding an installer’s system control possibilities to include voice control commands.

“The EVO-IP HDMI over IP system is the perfect tool for building HDMI video matrices of various size or scale, across both residential and commercial applications,” said Mark Corbin, vice president of distribution markets for Vanco. “Our Evolution line of products are carefully designed to be used in a wide variety of installations and have been developed to directly address the product capabilities that our distributors say their dealers want. We believe that creating streamlined, easy-to-install AV management products like the EVO-IP offer distributors the ability to more effectively sell stock and ultimately offer higher quality installation solutions for their dealers.”

The EVO-IP will be on display along with other products from Vanco, Evolution and Beale Street Audio at CEDIA, September 7-9, 2017 in Vanco’s booth 3645. EVO-IP will begin shipping in Q1 of 2018; distributors can contact Vanco directly for pricing. Pre-orders are available immediately.

For more information on Vanco International, visit the Vanco website.

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