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USACi joins Unified Car Audio Championship

Upon further collaboration with the Unified Car Audio Championship, encompassing three of the four major competition organizations, USACi has confirmed they will complete the Unified effort by hosting their annual Finals event at the Unified Car Audio Championship in Nashville, Tennessee. This now brings all four major car audio competition organizations (USACi, IASCA, dB Drag, MECA) under one roof for a co-located annual Finals competition event and mobile electronics show, being organized at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds on October 18th and 19th, 2014.

The goal of the event is to bring exposure of the mobile electronics industry to the public; the event will not only include the Finals competitions for each organization, it will feature a mobile electronics showcase of the latest and greatest in products from manufacturers in the industry.

“USACi is honored once again to be able to participate in what we consider the industry’s premier event. Competitors from across the country will be able to participate in multiple events at one location in a way that they have never been able to before. The unified finals is good for the industry and we are happy to be a part of it,” said Ralph Randall, President of USACi.

“IASCA Worldwide Inc. is very excited that USACi will be joining us again, along with dB Drag and MECA, in 2014” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA “The event is about the competitors and gaining exposure for the mobile electronics industry; we’re all coming together and coordinating this event as a whole, not as four separate orgs. This collaborative effort shows industry that we all have their best interests at heart.”

“MECA welcomes USACi and the competitors who will be joining in the fun at this huge meeting of the most dedicated car audio people in the USA.  Last year’s United Finals in Huntsville, AL was really good, and 2015 will be even better.  We will be rockin’ the Music City with an off-the-charts mega event!” said Steve Stern, President

“The dB Drag Racing Association is glad to have USACi under the same roof. USACi has a strong competitor base and is an important part of the sound off scene. With several crossover competitors and sponsors in all organizations, this makes it much easier for everyone. ” said Celise Harris, Marketing Director for the dB Drag Racing Association.

From a competition standpoint, competitors who compete in multiple organizations can do so in one trip as opposed to multiple weekends, saving them a significant amount of time and money. A unique feature of the event is the time schedule; all sound quality competition will take place in the morning into early afternoon and all SPL competition will take place in the afternoon and into the evening, allowing for ideal judging conditions in sound quality and creating a party type of atmosphere on Saturday night.

For more information on the Unified Car Audio Championship, including event info, booth space availability and registrations, contact Celise Harris (dB Drag) at [email protected], Steve Stern (MECA) at [email protected], Ralph Randall (USACi) at [email protected] or Moe Sabourin (IASCA) at [email protected].