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Unity Announces 6-in-1 Portable Charging System for Apple Watch™

Now available for pre-order on Kickstarter, the Unity Pocket includes modular dock, cable organizer, power bank and easy storage for Apple Watch

(Melbourne, Australia – Nov. 10, 2015) – Unity, dedicated to the design of smart solutions for staying connected, today announced the pre-order availability of the first 6-in-1 portable charging dock for Apple Watch. For a limited time, the charging system is available for $50 USD – a savings of 50 percent off the MSRP. The Unity Pocket’s modular design serves as a case, charger and dock for Apple Watch, and can easily be transformed into an iPhone dock and portable charger for simultaneous charging of multiple devices.

“Apple Watches are a significant investment and consumers need a solution that allows them to charge the device on-the-go, without sacrificing functionality or portability when traveling,” said Pedro Gomes, Unity’s director of design. “To protect that investment, we’ve developed the first multifunctional charging and docking system that prolongs Apple Watch’s battery life, while keeping it protected. The Unity team is passionate about the design and materials behind this new product and look forward to providing an innovative charging solution for Apple Watch users.”

The Pocket’s modular system is built around an environmentally friendly Sony Lithium Polymer battery, which links with a cable organizer for easy storage and doubles as an Apple Watch dock with adjustable viewing. The battery features 6,000 hours of power and multiple safety features including over-charge voltage and temperature protection.

In addition to serving as a protective case and charging dock for Apple Watch, the Unity Pocket can easily be converted to a 4200mAh portable battery unit with 5V – 4.1A output for charging other devices, while the lid doubles as a charging dock for the iPhone. Weighing only 350 grams and measuring 65mm by 97mm by 102mm, the multifunctional charging system can be easily packed for transport and is available in two eye-catching colors, Black Jaguar and Rose Gold.

Starting today, the Unity Pocket is available for preorder on Kickstarter at through five pricing tiers in the buyers’ color of choice:

  • Tier 1: AUD $71 (~$50 USD) a 45% discount for the first 500 buyers
  • Tier 2: AUD $81 (~$57 USD) a 42% discount for the first 800 buyers
  • Tier 3: AUD $90 (~$64 USD) a 35% discounted rate
  • Tier 4: AUD $153 (~$108 USD) a 45% discount for the limited twin pack special (two Pockets)
  • Tier 5: AUD $710 (~$500 USD) a 50% discount for the limited bundle special (10 Pockets)

Preorders will be shipped to backers in February 2016. For more information about Unity’s Pocket, visit…

About Unity
Unity is a start-up of experienced award-winning product designers and product engineers from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Portugal. At Unity, we design functionally beautiful products for your smart devices. In the pursuit of perfection, we focus on design quality down to the last detail. Our products lie at the intersection of modular functionality and design where we blend the best of technology, material, and design to craft unique, integrated experiences. Go with Unity.