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“Technology Tools for Online Education” Mini Book and Udemy Course Released

Aimed at helping K-12 educators navigate either a hybrid-learning or virtual 2020-21 academic year, the book is available for free on Kindle until August 12

West Chester, PA. – Aug. 10, 2020 – “Technology Tools for Online Education,” a mini book focused on teaching education leaders how to harness their smartphone, leverage the cloud, and connect with students using online communications, is now available. Written by Paul Richards, live streaming and video production expert and Chief Streaming Officer for StreamGeeks and PTZOptics, the all-new guide can be used as a reference for education leaders to learn new ways to engage with students online. The book is part of a blended learning environment and has an accompanying four-hour, on-demand Udemy course.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a disruption to the in-person learning environment. Over the next five years, education as we know it will undergo more changes than ever before. Learning environments for K-12 students will shift online, leaving educators wondering how to conduct virtual lessons while keeping students engaged. The new guide and online course will pick up where others left off on the topic of educational technology and highlight specific technology tools educators can master to enhance their online education capabilities. Over 4,000 educators are already enrolled in the online Udemy course, which will be free during the book launch August 10-12th.

“As a live streaming instructor and technology adopter, I wanted to share my experience and skills with K-12 teachers,” said Paul Richards, author. “Technology Tools for Online Education makes it easy for anyone new to teaching online to learn some winning strategies for creating fun and memorable classes.”

While innovative and engaging opportunities exist for online learning, many teachers find it intimidating to move from a face-to-face classroom to a virtual learning environment. Educators and administrators can pair the mini book with the online course to learn how to create educational videos for online learning, how to use popular online learning technology tools, how to plan out a virtual classroom, and how to create content for learning management systems. Educators have access to the online course for free using the downloadable promo code here.

With the right tools and skills, educators will have the ability to create customized learning environments for their students. “Technology Tools for Online Education” is available for free on Kindle until Aug. 12. The book is also available on Amazon and the downloadable online version can be found here.

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