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Luxury Home Cinema Brands Seymour-Screen Excellence and Audio Excellence Appoint Sales Rep Firms

Taking Seymour-Screen Excellence and Audio Excellence to more dealers

Port Jefferson, NY – December 4, 2018 – High-end home cinema brands Seymour-Screen Excellence and Audio Excellence today announced the appointment of several additional manufacturer sales rep firms.

New Appointments
The following firms are managing sales for both brands in their territories:

i Rep Green, Southern California – Randy Wilson, Scott Wilson and Simon Spears

Media Delivery Strategies, Northern California – Glen O’Brien and John Bolin

BrandRep USA, Southeast – Howard Borsa

Audtek Marketing, Metro-New York – Wayne Dolnick

Power Marketing, New England (Audio Excellence) – David Cohen

Created to serve North America, Seymour-Screen Excellence is a joint-venture between US-based Seymour AV (Chris Seymour) and UK-based Screen Excellence (Patrice Congard). The effort combines the leadership and innovation of each’s acoustically transparent projection screen materials, offering high-end AV integrators and specialty dealers a wide assortment of acoustically transparent and solid film screen surfaces in both fixed and motorized-retractable styles. The company manufactures in Iowa with custom-built film screens a large part of its business. Many lavish celebrity-owned home theaters and private screening rooms in the US feature Seymour-Screen Excellence.

In recent years Chris Seymour has applied his engineering prowess, having devised TAM-4 (True Aspect Masking), arguably the industry’s most luxurious variably-controlled 4-way masking system (borne from TAM-2). And for enthusiasts that desire motorized aspect control yet are conscious of budget, Chris created the single-horizontal-roller TAM-1 and TRIM designs. He has also steered the brand into the ambient light-rejecting category by way of his proprietary Ambient-Visionaire surfaces and white bias back-lighting kit. An industry-first, this LED light kit is the ultimate complement as its color temperature can be fined-tuned to 6500K to help achieve a properly-calibrated picture regardless of wall color. Dealers can find more information on the brand by visiting 

In 2016, UK-based Screen Excellence launched Audio Excellence globally. Embodying Patrice Congard’s expertise and philosophy of audio technology, the Audio Excellence home cinema systems consist of compact yet extremely powerful on/in-wall loudspeakers (high-sensitivity / high-SPL), 600-watts per channel amplifiers and DSP controllers. Ideal for any display device, yet the ultimate complement to the acoustically transparent film screen, the systems maximize the initial wave-front of sound, delivering more articulate and controlled bass response, with every seat in the room being the sweet spot.

Audio Excellence made its North American debut at the 2017 CEDIA Expo in high-end home theater demos with exhibit partners Seymour-Screen Excellence and Wolf Cinema. The demo’s achieved critical acclaim. Dealers can find more information on the brand by visiting 

For all Seymour-Screen Excellence and Audio Excellence sales and marketing inquiries, please contact Paul Muto at [email protected] and 631.849.4301.

About Seymour-Screen Excellence
Founded in 2010 as a joint venture by US-based Seymour AV and UK-based Screen Excellence, SSE combines the leadership and innovation of their acoustically transparent projection screen materials for high-end custom installers and specialty AV retailers in North America. Using the latest in materials and design from Patrice Congard, originator of the modern acoustically transparent screen, the company’s state-of-the-art screens provide flawless picture quality and acoustic transparency, superior to traditional perforated screens or other less exacting woven screen materials. In 2014, the brand brought to market a proprietary ambient light-rejecting film screen series, that like its acoustically transparent screen surfaces, has been heralded by the press as being category-leading in its performance. / Twitter: Chris [email protected] /

About Audio Excellence
In 2015, with an established heritage of quality and unrivaled performance in the acoustically transparent film screen arena, Screen Excellence CEO Patrice Congard set out to design an extensive line of audio products that fully embodied his expertise and philosophy of audio technology. In 2016, Audio Excellence was launched, encompassing loudspeakers, amplifiers and DSP controllers which succeed in providing the ultimate Home Theater listening experience. For more on Audio Excellence visit: / Twitter @audioExcell /