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Stitch Labs Unveils Bundling Feature, Adding Valuable Selling Tool for Retailers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – October 21, 2014) – Stitch Labs, the leading inventory management and multichannel-selling platform for small to mid-size businesses, today announced the launch of a highly anticipated bundling feature. Bundling allows merchants to group products together and sell items as a package with adjusted price points, giving more power to experiment with product promotion.

Bundling items can help increase overall revenue while allowing retailers to introduce new products, move out excess inventory, and offer more buying options for their customers. Examples of bundling strategies that drive revenue include add-ons (adding a case to a laptop purchase), multi-packs (packaging multiples of the same item) or accelerators (combining slow sellers with best sellers to clear out inventory). 

The new bundling feature further extends Stitch Labs’ offering to retailers in search of smarter inventory management. With this new functionality, retailers can see and track the same accurate and timely inventory information about bundles as they have traditionally done for individual items, including selling and tracking across multiple channels.

“We are excited to launch the bundling feature. Customers and prospects have been actively requesting it and meeting our customers’ needs is very important to us,” said Brandon Levey, CEO and founder of Stitch Labs. “Stitch was founded to help retailers and wholesalers grow their businesses and we feel that this feature is another way we can deliver on that promise.”

Stitch Labs‘ cloud-based inventory management platform helps businesses unify sales channels, gather crucial commerce data and fulfill orders faster. Customers manage over $100 million in orders each month, and Stitch’s wealth of data helps in making more informed decisions about shipping, merchandising, inventory, ordering and warehousing.

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About Stitch Labs
Since 2011, Stitch Labs has been creating software that simplifies commerce, decisions, and life for retailers and wholesalers. The intuitive Stitch Labs platform streamlines inventory, orders and data across multiple channels. It also delivers the most robust integrations with top commerce applications such as Square, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Quickbooks, Xero, BigCommerce and others. To learn more about how the Stitch Labs platform unifies sales channels, fulfills orders faster, and gathers brilliant data, visit or follow@StitchLabs on Twitter.